We are a small family owned vineyard and winery on picturesque Waiheke Island, just off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand. Our venture into the art of wine making fist started with Merlot; however we now offer a variety of wines to satisfy any wine connoisseur. 

We have discovered a special place to grow our unique wines. On a narrow rocky strip of land that is believed to be 30 million years older than the rest of the Island, we have planted our 10 acre vineyard. The Barrel Room is a setting in the cellar of the estate, with sturdy wooden tables placed between the oversized wooden casks and the rows of stacked bottles, creating the most stunning ambience, perfect for the private function.

CONTACT: James - Functions Manager
PHONE: 9 372 2148
E-MAIL: info@podericrisci.co.nz
ADDRESS: 205 Awaawaroa Rd, Awaawaroa Bay,
Waiheke RDI